Feeding America




It’s no surprise that kids anxiously countdown the days until summer break. To walk through the school doors and enter a world of no homework and no obligations. But for many, time away from school doesn’t mean fun and freedom. It means they’re about to lose access to one of the most important meals of the day. Sometimes, their only meal of the day.


We turned one symbol of summer, an iconic ice cream truck, into a vehicle to help educate the country about this devastating situation, and to put an end summer hunger. The hand-painted truck held stats on child hunger, locations we were visiting and information on how people could help the cause.




Our little truck started its journey in New York with an on-foot activation in Times Square. There, we informed thousands of people about the mission and the cross-country journey ahead. We then hit the road, stopping at food banks in 7 cities, using Facebook LIVE to tour the food bank and spotlight how volunteers are giving back in each city.


Footage captured in each stop was edited on the road (that same night) and launched as local video recaps to the city we had left.


Scaled Facebook video and Donate efforts spread the word, nationally, and told people how they could help, even if we weren’t stopping in their city.


At the finish line, in L.A., awaited a celebrity-staffed celebration at a local elementary school. Kids met the celebs, had a healthy lunch and played games to educate them on healthy eating.


A recap of the entire journey was shared with the world, driving more awareness of the cause and information on how to.